New report reveals need for EV ownership diversity – and better education on electric car performance

Published at: 10th June 2022

Government’s public consultation on electrification closes today as Autovia reveals a bumpy road ahead for ambitions to convert all new car sales to EV by 2030

GREATER DIVERSITY among EV owners and better education about advances already made in EV performance are essential to accelerate electrification of Britain’s roads, according to a new report.

According to aiQ – Autovia Insights Quarterly – EV owners are predominantly older, wealthier men. And many car buyers don’t realise that today’s EVs often already meet the budget and mileage range they think they are still waiting for.

Other insights include:

  • Current EV owners are least likely to change engine type for their next car
  • EV owners are most likely to conduct the entire car-buying process online
  • Most EVs already offer greater range than the average driver needs in a week
  • 83% of current petrol or diesel owners did not consider an EV when they bought their current car

Autovia’s report comes as a major government consultation on the way ahead for electrification closes – amid growing concern that too little progress is being made in areas such as legislation, education and charging infrastructure.

aiQ, published by Britain’s biggest automotive media company Autovia, highlights unique data on EV ownership trends to reveal the key challenges and opportunities faced by a market buffeted by post-pandemic and Ukraine war-related component supply squeezes as well as a cost of living crisis..

aiQ issue 1 also reveals that, while many consumers remain reluctant to adopt EVs en masse, car makers are massively increasing model choice and achieving rapid advances in key areas such as vehicle range on a single charge.

The insights are a prelude to future editions of aiQ – Autovia Insights Quarterly, which will reveal results from the most detailed research project undertaken in Britain into the views, intentions and choices of drivers. Autovia’s always-on Driver Power insight tools open a unique window into the hearts and minds of around 60,000 drivers a year.

Designed to help industry or policy decision makers – or ‘EV-curious’ car buyers – the report is free to download at

Steve Fowler, Editor-in-Chief of Autovia, said: “We’ve launched aiQ – Autovia Insights Quarterly because this unique moment in Britain’s transition to electric driving demands the clearest possible picture and the greatest amount of insight for the industry, policy makers and car buyers alike.

“Issue 1 sets the scene for a raft of unique future insights, to be published regularly, as we help our audiences and industry partners to meet the challenges and maximise the opportunities that electrification by the end of the decade presents.”


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